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Origin of the Calendar

In the hectic years after the decline and ultimate collapse of Republican hegemony in the Aetheria, the long-suffering universities that comprised the focal points of Aetherian knowledge were forced into a long decline that culminated with the War of the Thousand Burning Tomes. Scholarship as it had been known in the heady Republican era vanished. From the (often literal) smoldering ruins of the old academy, an ancient, mysterious, and secretive order emerged to safeguard the surviving relics of science, history, and literature.

They spread the notion that a new era had begun during the 1st Nemoida-Republican War. In time it became evident how right they were, and though many quibble about the exact dates, scholars, the major governments, the Shaan, and the Church of the Great Wheel have adopted this unified calendar without much complaint.

A Litany of Events Historical

|Wasting Gods Era|

Year Event
-??? Imprisonment of Loki
-??? Godslaying
-??? Collapse of the Sacred Kingdom
-??? ‘Immortal’ Elves begin to die
-32 Isaac Chandler assembles his party
-21 Cataclysm decimates mages in the Aetheria
-22 First Grey Men attacks reported
0 Death of Loki, Beginning of the Year Zero War

|Small Gods Era|

1 Shaan Uprising among the Republican islands
11 Martus Ankara, homeland of the Gnome race, destroyed by unknown causes
13 Prince Vitellius of the Kingdom of the Two Nemois marries Princess Hannah the Lioness of the Twins
c. 21 First recorded appearance of healers from a ‘Death Song’ sect
27 Prince Vitellius ascends to the thrones of the Two Nemois and the Leonine Empire, the two nations are formally unified as the Leonine Empire
32 First recorded sightings of automatons; Arcane Mechanics report seeing the Lady of Gears in their dreams
36-39 Conquest of Ruhn and Aransfield by Leonine Empire
42 Death of Prince Vitellius, beginning of Dowager Queen Hannah’s reign as Lion Empress
51 Leonine Empire reaches its greatest extent, attempts invasion of Trebarre but is repulsed
52 Draconic Rebellion, led by Solara Melliere and ‘Black’ Becky Shaenar divides Leonine Empire
83 First recorded sightings of the Hanged Man
86 Known Aetheria is ravaged by the Blue Wasting Plague
102 After a century of civil war, Gruffic Empire officially splinters into Gruffyda Minora, Graufand, Novaea Imperia, and Gloria Majora
c. 110 Elkin and Ratkin begin appearing in the Aetheria
146 Ankaran gnome expatriates on Drakar proclaim a Renewed Republic and invade Crestingwick
150 Angel of Death descends from beyond the upper mist and destroys fleets from Crestingwick and Drakar
153 Cameron d’Caeli, Felrun, Tyrale, and Aemelia deVerdane confront the Angel of Death on Crestingwick; both sides retreat and go into hiding
161 Seven Day Storm devastates Durai’s Island
168 Luftmeister’s Guild seizes control of major Levium collection and refining facilities
183 Crestingwick becomes last government to concede Guild monopoly; travel by airship restricted to licensed ships only
190 Angel of Death reappears and attacks Loft, island is scourged and rendered uninhabitable
211 William III, descendant of Hannah the Lioness and king of Hollen Moor declares himself God-Emperor of a Holy Leonine Empire to replace the ‘sinful and decadent’ Leonine Empire
212 Leonine Empire forces sent to put down Emperor William III are repulsed with great losses
214 HLE attempts invasion of Leonine Aransfield; crippled by lack of support from Luftmeister’s Guild
224 Greater Nemoi declares independence from Leonine Empire; Queen Amanda Shaenar ‘the Bronze Dragon’ crowned as sovereign
230 Lady of Gears and several Acolytes occupy ruins of Loft; begin building a clockwork city
243 Lupin refugees begin arriving in Durai’s Port, warning of growing undead activity beyond the Corridor; Hanged Man spotted in several locations
246 Major undead invasion sweeps across the Aetheria; fragmented kingdoms can’t mount concerted defense
249 Etskago City, last great bastion of resistance, sacked by undead under the Arch-Wraith Senneth Vanir, then abandoned
250 Undead led by the Three Liche Lords begin occupation of the known Aetheria
253 Heroes from throughout the Aetheria gather in the ruins of Etskago City on Naubtil’s Day and form an unbreakable pact to expel the undead or die trying
253-270 The War of the Thorn sweeps undead from most parts of the known Aetheria
271 Survivors from the war form the Virtuous Order of Knights, initially dedicated to the eradication of all remaining pockets of undead activity
280 Blue Wasting Plague returns and ravages the Aetheria once again
282 Matriarch Sa-Fiona of Gloria Majora invades Graufand, triggering the War of Five Inches
301 After centuries of decline, Felrun and Tyrale lead most elven clans into self-imposed exile beyond the Barrens
320 Felixans or ‘Rakshasa’ begin to immigrate to the islands surrounding Drakar; the initially wary Second Republic eventually welcomes them
331 Ancelin of Heisei monastery on Sha Amatsur, inspired by a vision during a sectarian battle, travels to Ruhn; founds the first Church of the Great Wheel, and begins teaching the ritual of True Binding
334 William VI of the Holy Leonine Empire swears himself and his empire to the service of the Great Wheel
352 Militant Shaan monks attempt to destroy the Church of the Great Wheel; during the battle the Great Wheel itself manifests
352-360 War of the Thousand Burning Tomes
361 The Ratatoskian Order, operating out of the ruins of Etskago City, is discovered by adventurers hunting undead remnants
372 The Hanged Man reappears in the area around Aransfield
373-380 Climatic change renders large portions of Aransfield arid; invasion by orc tribes from the continent forces the evacuation and abandonment of Dalover
380 Solara, the Emperor, the Manipulator, the Grey Knight, the Vanishing Lord, and acolytes of the Lady of Gears unite to stop the aggression of the Strategos and Lughnassa. The Emperor is sacrificed to bind the Strategos in mortal form
381 Rifts begin to form within the Knighthood over their role in the Aetheria; previously undivisive Knights begin to style themselves Knights Santalales or Knights Liliales
386 Attempt to assassinate the Grey Knight triggers a virulent civil war between knightly factions; it is called by some the Floral War
388 Battle of the Thousand Banners concludes with the Knights Liliales routed and disbanded. Their chapter symbols are seized, and they are forced to denounce their former allegiance or leave the Knighthood. Floral War is declared at an end, though sporadic fighting against knightly retinues not present at the battle continues for some time
397 Last known Lilial is tracked down by Sir Charles Colmanon, Lance Marshall in Errancy, and deKnighted. The Schism within the Knighthood is officially over
440 Long period of decline ends with the collapse of the Holy Leonine Empire
580 Satyeva founded
639 Crystal Palace discovered in the desert north of Satyeva
865 Ashley Galliford is born on Crestingwick
872 Samuel T. Marlowe is born on Hollen Moor to adventurer Sir Richard T. Marlowe and noted botanist Lady Thalia Pryory
886 Borealis, a Crestish satellite island, announces its intent to secede and form its own democratic nation. The Republican Senate refuses to acknowledge the secession, and dispatches a task force to capture Borealesian leaders and quash the rebellion. Unexpectedly, the Republican force is ambushed and routed by the Borealesian resistance. The satellite island secures its independence
887-88 The Skyhammer Suppression: Mounting resistance to Guild licensure fees result in a boycott on a Nemoidan satellite island. Guild attempts to mediate are rebuffed and Guild officials dishonored. Captain (now Admiral) Osiris is dispatched to suppress the rebels. It is said he came like ‘a hammer falling from the sky’ upon the towns and villages of the island, leaving nothing but rubble
892 The King of Stars, the Vanishing Lord, Our Lady, and other adventurers battle Lughnassa. The Strategos is freed during the battle and Llewellyn Danielson is killed. Strategos attempts to destroy Satyeva but is frozen in time by the lingering spirit of Saint Eva, a Deathsong Cleric
893 Aurelius Victor, one of the Three Liche Lords, is driven from his lair in the ruins of Dalover in defeat
895 Mysterious events occur outside Satyeva; Strategos dissapears
896 During a grand festival in Satyeva on the anniversary of Saint Eva’s miracle, political and religious leaders from around the Aetheria gather in secret to negotiate the Citadel Accords. Rickard Straeth is named first Director
897 King Casper II of Hollen Moor, feudal lord of Faros and Satyeva appoints as Count Satyeva the Honorable Sir Rosius Helm
900 Present Day

P4 Timeline

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