The CITADEL Summit


4th Republic

Moorlands League



Church of the Great Wheel


Mataland & Adda


Ariadne Archiplegao


Daniel of Armacaia, with Nosferun CITADEL Serving as the party’s Diplomatic Adviser.
Caspian Swifte The Sable Band Representative of the Sable Band mercenaries.
Isseult Lady Kannarkin CITADEL Architect and Event Planner of the surrounding (and distracting) festival.
SIr Shrivar Akienne CITADEL The party’s direct commander. Likely to support Straeth in a bid for re-election. Currently comatose and trapped in the Dreaming
One-Black-Feather, Yvonne Slate, & Zelda Roencast CITADEL Newly appointed Marshals, soon to be under Mr. Galliford’s command
Marcus Lord Kannarkin ? Famous rake and lover of cards. Old chums with Akienne. Isseult’s father
Prince Attawulf of Obstkern ? “Obsidian Eyes”? Purportedly arrived to join CITADEL. Held under close watch
Prince Ghislain of Obstkern ? Purportedly arrived to join CITADEL. Assessment: of low worth and little value.
Guild Investigators The Guild Officially sanctioned team looking into the bombing of the Sherra. Bomb squad led by Marine Commander Takeda

The CITADEL Summit

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