To Fly on Metal Wings

Captain's Log [UNSENT], Feinral 900 [Cont'd]

Feinral 900

An enemy of CITADEL has struck. The Sherra was attacked, a powerful explosive device planted in her engine room. Mr. Marlowe was able to investigate the scene before any well-meaning folk inexpertly picked through the debris. There was precious little evidence to behold, but we found one piece—a remnant of tempered steel, shaped into the form of a butterfly. We await the arrival of Guild Engineers to ascertain the extent of the damage and begin repairs. I believe the detonation was intended, in addition to crippling one of our ships, to eliminate Sir Akienne. The explosion took place shortly after he boarded.

My staff and I were enroute to meet Akienne aboard when the Event happened. At first, all was confusion and chaos—soldiers speaking of non-existent fortifications, the arrival of multiple fleets, acquaintances from far off being present as stalwart allies… The dead or gone returned to our side. All was flame and smoke. The sky shifting, at one moment eerie green, the next brilliant orange. I believe my team and I may have been involved in someone else’s Vision. Though we remained together, of our own mind (and bodies?) we were unable to direct the course of action, and otherwise ran through the proposed events amuck until confronted with Death. Sometimes a Guild invasion, sometimes something more sinister at some foreign place… Some part of me knows the other Castle. I believe He took Them there and now calls to me. But where is it?

Upon our return to the Real and True current world we found Akienne, abed and unresponsive. Something happened elsewhere in the Aetheria, sending ripples felt by those Touched and Gifted. If the rumors are true, Akienne’s power reacted to the Event, and my particulars were sucked into this happening. We must devise some means of awakening and healing the mind of Sir Akienne. He has been a true ally, and I have need of him in the coming days.

We have met three of the Primary Candidates for the position of Director. The Moorlands propose a public, peace-keeping fleet. The Guild would have us small and swift, investigating, obtaining, and neutralizing Powers. The Republic would make us independent, consolidating our power base and beholden to no one nation. A knighthood delegate is also en route—Gods only know what proposal they bring.

Chang Fei-Li believes that Akienne’s waking mind is trapped in the Dreaming. He knows of a way that we may enter in search of him, but the materials needed are rare. With luck, our new allies in Shafton can secure the necessary rare alchemicals needed for the journey. I intend to return with my allies or not at all. Both of them.



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