To Fly on Metal Wings

Captain's Log, Feinral 900 [Cont'd]

Feinral 900

Preparations for the CITADEL Summit are well under way. We have secured the services of the Sable Band, a security force specializing in small unit tactics, independent agents, and intelligence. While they do not bring traditional firepower or strength with them, I believe that their superior network of skill and diplomatic experience will allow us to diffuse most disputes promptly.

The Fort grows larger with each passing week. The lumber and food from our allies at Shafton Forest have been a tremendous boon. Also to thank are the craftspersons sent by Archbishop Dracovir. Merchants, drawn to the promise of our “festival”, have begun to congregate, necessitating what Mr. Marlowe has deemed “urban planning”. As such, we have laid out a plan for districting various endeavors—mercantile, manufacturing, residential, social, etc. The docks have been extended southward along the coast, allowing swifter turnover amongst merchant and passenger vessels. We have also reserved the space directly outside the Fort’s walls to be made use of as public garden spaces under the direction of Mr. Galliford. We shall encourage the common and public use of these spaces to foster comfort and good feelings to the Keep. Additionally, the reserved, flat space allows for more direct sight for the defense of the walls, should the unfortunate need arise.

Our CITADEL compatriots have begun to arrive. Sir Akienne docked with the Sherra, bringing many Peacekeepers and administrative staff to prepare for the delegates. We are expecting official delegates from the Moorlands, the Republic, the Guild, and several other states—Grave, as a wolf-man of the cloth, has agreed to act as a concierge general. Daniel of Armacaia has joined us as well. I understand CITADEL has hired him expressly for the purpose of secretarial duties to me and my staff. He has been reticent to offer any opinions of substance, but is knowledgeable and concise in his explanations regarding our newfound diplomatic duties.

The Lady Kannarkin has joined the employ of CITADEL as well, it seems. Her presence at the Fort undoubtedly adds a much needed degree of poise and respectability to our proceedings. I believe that she knows little of the Summit, and that she intends to remain removed—her duties include the organization of our festival. A daunting task, to be sure. She seems to delight in the distraction.

The knights once occupying Fort Rochelle have largely relocated a few miles south along the coast. While we have made no effort to exclude them, they seem to hold a grudge for the transformation of their former base. The Lady Violet has agreed to open talks with the Chaplain and assess the situation.

Lastly, several ships filled with Orc and Dwarven refugees recently made landfall. The symbiotic tribes have settled north of the Fort. My understanding is that they await Mr. Marlowe’s visitation….



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