To Fly on Metal Wings

Captain's Log, Feinral 900

Feinral 900

I, E. Jacob Riley, Captain of CITADEL and Commander of the Fort Rochelle, being of sound body and mind, do hereby declare myself fit to resume directorship of the operations of the Fort.

The actions of Marshal Galliford and Detektive Marlowe in the intervening period are to be commended. Their activities, decisions, and outcomes of their journey to the Valley have been recorded, copied, and forwarded to the Crystal Palace. A tenuous alliance has been secured with the House Miyang, who seem to be now acting in concert with the local Divines. There is also an elite unit known as the Special Mountaineering Brigade, led by a Goat-Man Captain Xiu, who have left the Valley. We are continuing efforts to recruit the Brigade into CITADEL’s service.

It should be noted with distinction that my people would not have returned successfully without the aid of Violet Dame Tourmaline and her formidable retinue. Lady Tourmaline’s assistance will be rewarded with the full and immediate complement of the Fort Rochelle’s resources in search of the still-missing Lord Cato. While I have yet to form an informed opinion of her, I trust the Good Feelings of my retinue as to her trustworthiness.

It should also be noted that Mr. Jedidiah Thompson, a frontier herdsman, also joined my retinue on their journey. He has agreed to apply his Gift to the Fort’s outlying region. I anticipate a rapid and successful resurgence of the Fort’s agriculture capabilities.

The inclusion of the Tourmaline retinue into the Fort’s landscape has created greater confidence in the surrounding area. As such we continue to see growing interest in re-settlement.

Unfortunately, Doctor Fortescue failed to return after the intercession of Cmdr. Holles’ GFS Nova. I have been informed of a Divine Event, relating to her particulars, which may have either been the cause or the after effect.



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