Theodora 'Ma' Jericho

The unflappable leader's even more unflappable mother


Theodora (‘Ma’ to anyone that wants to keep their head on their shoulders) Jericho is Cassius’ tower-like mother. Her stature is such that people have wondered, behind double-locked doors and in hushed whispers, whether she might have any elven blood in her veins. A terror with a great-club, and with a temper to out-match a hurricane’s, Ma keeps everyone in the DRF in line. She is in charge of basic training, or, as she likes to say ‘teaching the children to at least have the manners of a dog.’ By ‘children’ she means you.

While she may be terrifying most of the time, some people also whisper that she can be the sweetest of women when the mood takes her, and that they have even seen her singing Cassius to sleep. But such things could never actually happen.

Theodora 'Ma' Jericho

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