The shifty yet trusted (?) second-in-command of the DRF


Dullamilazanekann, the leader of the band of Gobber thieves, surprisingly proved himself to be a very trustworthy and capable leader himself. While some speculate that he threatened to order his Gobber companions to slit the throats of everyone in the DRF if Jericho did not make him the second in command, those who actually work with him and his kinsmen know that not only is this not the case, but rather that the entire DRF would have been dead many times over were it not for the watchfulness and skill of the Dulla and his men.

This does not, however, mean that the little man is friendly. In fact, like most Gobbers, he mistrusts humans1 (though for most members of the DRF it is only show). He is surly and nasty, though occasionally can be made to smile a concerning toothy grin.

1 Don’t even get him started on elves.


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