Selaen Silverpaw

Werewolf Queen, and a leader of the DRF


Selaen Silverpaw is a were-wolf. One of the first places that Jericho lead the group of survivors that would eventually become the DRF was north to Old Dalover, in spite of the known presence of undead. His reason: to meet up with the were-wolves. Reputed to be descended from an old Royal Dalovern bloodline, Selaen is the were-wolves’ leader. When she joined the DRF, so did a number of other scouts and fighters, all of whom are very well behaved (and even house-trained!), and even favorites amongst the children.

Selaen is a woman after Ma’s heart. She is fierce and shrewd, with an understanding far beyond the years she looks to have lived. On more than one occasion have she and hers pulled your asses out of the fire.

Selaen Silverpaw

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