To Fly on Metal Wings

Captain's Log, 7 Freijal 900

7th Freijal 900

[All up and down this page are faint paw prints and occasional liquid stains.]

Docked at Faros yesterday, ladies are getting their traveling preparations finished. Few dings ‘n scratches from upper island turbulence this past week. Not my fault, Piers wanted to run their paces a bit rougher than the rest. Taking on provisions. Imagine we’ll be set to launch in a matter of days.

Received our first assignment from a dog-man wearing a smocking jacket. Thought the poor son-of-a-bitch a bit more likely to set his fur aflame than his clothes. Seems the Guild put this whole shindig together to have me track down some pirates. Real slippery ones at that, [smudge] managed to get their own rogue levium refinery. I guess most try for the lower quality stuff—old fashioned mining, or floating-rock ships, that sort of thing. These guys have managed to get quality levium for the highest bidder. Luftmeisters don’t exactly agree with their business. It’s gonna be like trying to find a marble in a gravel mine in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Met the rest of the crew yesterday, guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I didn’t know to expect them. Either the bureaucracy or the liquor; probably the bureaucracy. Seem useful enough, though. Most were Marines, the “[smudge]bore Muskets” from HM. King’s soldiers, CITADEL accords and all that. Their commander (or sergeant? I forget) is one Angus McClintock. Older fellow, looked rough enough for the job. Seemed to understand the chain of command bit better than I do. Don’t know if he cares about me being his Captain ‘n all, though. Still, I’m leading the mission, I’ve got the CITADEL seal, they’ll stay in line.

Met another of interest, hired him, even, though he made a point that CITADEL had already done that. Guess he wanted it done proper, by the Captain. Gnome, tall one at that, seems well-travelled. Should be useful in finding things forgotten and hidden. Good with longarms, too, or claims to be. Better take a look at his tools o’ trade, see what he’s got up his sleeve. Hate surprises from my own. Nice guy, patient. Asked some smart questions, too. Had to keep my [smudge] in mind.

[smudge] girl joined us, too, another pilot. Picked up a stray.



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