To Fly on Metal Wings


Reported to CPS Rebecka promptly at 0700 on this, the 7th of Freijal, as per my orders. Was relieved to see that she’s a good solid ship, not some 50/50 the Guild is looking to replace. Well-equipped and well-crewed. Will need to take my time getting to know the other officers and marines, as well as the more experienced among the enlisted.

Went to present my orders to the Captain, who it seems was not expecting me. During the course of my interview with him he was odd. Ill-tempered, I can manage. Difficult, distant, friendly, lascivious, all manageable. But for him to be so changeable in the course of half an hour puts me ill at ease. At times he seemed to forget that I was in the room. He also asked about my creed and whether or not it might interfere in my orders. What an insane question! As if any Guild-trained officer recognizes a power above that of the admiralty. Aboard a ship, the Regs are our creed, and our captain is as close a thing to god as any of us need. This Captain Riley has probably never read the Regs; probably doesn’t realize what failure to follow orders really means to a Guild com.

Tried to learn something of the ship and her captain during my time in Faros, and was told that no one knew anything of this Captain Riley, and that no deeds of note had been reported in connection to his name. Other Guild officers tell me that being posted to CITADEL is like being on leave – easy flying, little danger, and no missions of any clear importance.

In essence, I am in exile. Doomed to serve under a mad, unknown non-com, doing gods know what that no one will ever read about. The Captain seemed to know I was being punished with this assignment, but did not know why or seem very curious in that regard. The sooner we leave port the better – hopefully the rumors won’t have time to reach us.

All I can do is hope that we chance on some excitement. Without the opportunity to distinguish myself, my career is over before it’s really begun. Though that’s my own fault, isn’t it? I cannot help but miss the Relentless and her crew, but I risked what I did knowingly. LV had some unconventional opinions with regards to CITADEL, and if I’m lucky then she was will be right. I might yet recover from my youthful missteps.



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