To Fly on Metal Wings

From the Offyce of Samuel T. Marlowe, Detektive For Hyre

211 Cook St., 20th Lokital, 900


Lovely party last night- and once again, heartfelt congratulations. As usual, your sheer perseverance and work ethic have rewarded you, and your accomplishment is far greater than any I can boast. I’m afraid I will be departing rather suddenly- by the time you wake up and read this over your morning tea, I’m afraid I’ll likely have already left Holle. A job came up, of sorts- a representative of the CITADEL paramilitary organization I gave mention to approached me last night at the offyce as I was preparing for the celebration. It seems my services have been requested investigating some sort of illegal pirate levium refin’ry- rather pedestrian sounding, I know, but there are extenuating circumstances. The Captain I’ll be assisting goes by the name of Riley- and he is a curious bird, I’ll warrant. It seems they’ve also hired an old fryend- the plaintiff in the “Mystery of the Metal-Fisted Man”, Case File #895-07.

You’ll notice I’ve moved a decent sum of equipment from the workshop- I’m not certain how extended this engagement will be. I’m leaving you in charge of the Offyce for the time being, and I’ve instructed Charles to follow your orders explicitly- don’t over rely on him however, he’s really quite useless at performing all but the most menial of tasks. Hoping for a swift and profitable return, but…there are certain…details…that are becoming clearer to me…regarding the Project…you’ve seen the Letter- I believe I am on the verge of discovering a Clue…the Magium Echometer does not lie. We’ll soon see if this little excursion proves itself a prudent exercise, or a minor dalliance delaying the pursuit of true discovery.

Oh- speaking of dalliances, give my regards to Lady Barris, and please be a dear and send her a nice bouquet on my behalf, with apologies- I’m afraid I had to slip out this morning before she awoke.

Your Faythful Fryend,




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