To Fly on Metal Wings

Captain's Log, 3 Freijal 900

3 Freijal 900

What in the name of the gods

This is the first entry of CPS Rebecka captain

Yes Captain Riley, Sir! Let me help you, Captain Riley, Sir! This way, Mr. Captain Riley, Sir!

She’s not the Scorpion

[A large chunk of text is blurred together, damaged by liquid. It fills the better part of the opening page. The runoff trails towards the corner, brushed off too late. Under the swirl of ink, at the bottom of the page, a small amount of text can be deciphered. The penmanship differs noticeably from the slashed through portions above.]

Let here beginn the Record of one Ephraim Jacob Riley, who on this daye took command of these Citadel Powerred Ships, namely the Rebecka, whereon he set his flag, and also the Sherra, as Captain. Let this ledger record, describe, and recount the manie trials and travails, adventures and journeys, accomplishments and losses encountered in defense of our Balance.



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