To Fly on Metal Wings

A Mercenary's Work

To-Be-Done: 4 Freijal 900, En-Route to Faros

Funny feeling, travelling as caravan passenger for once. Not as relaxing as suggested. Am not displeased to be leaving Chukos for a time, however.

  • duster, waterproofing alch. largely stripped away [sirocco, nine clicks west Satyeva, 2 Tyrnal]; re-treat or procure replacement
  • phosphorshot sidearm arcano-conduction-coil socket, copper transducer ring eroded signif. [sirocco, Ibid. / standard w&t of tech. mock-sonar processes]; will require specialist
  • phosphorshot sidearm proper, infrequent jamming [standard w&t of tech. ammo-enhancement & phosphorous build-up]; thorough barrel, receiver cleaning req.
  • scattergun, breach-hinge sticking [standard w&t]; oiling req., component clean & reassembly not unwise
  • repeater, several ammo wheels in substandard condition [standard w&t]; thorough cleaning req.
  • repeater, clockwerk rotational mechanism operating roughly 80% [standard w&t not aided by this godsdamned desert]; full component clean & reassembly req.
  • repeater, hairline fracture in rifle stock [skirmish, ant-men, seventeen-and-quarter clicks west Satyeva, 28 Rota]; caulking, binding, full replacement when in poss. of genuine Elohim component
  • repeater, ammo-velocity-enhancement plate emitting faint smell of hazelnuts [unclear, first noticed 17 Tyrnal]; will obv. require specialist

(A series of competent sketches depicting what appears to be a cactus flower from several angles.)

  • self, ache and occasional stabbing pain in left knee [skirmish, Ibid.]; stay off of it (ha), poss. Farosian masseuse?
  • self, I’m starting to look and smell like a ratkin particularly down on his luck [standard w&t]; here’s hoping Faros has a decent bathhouse and barber

Am v. keen to meet this Captain Riley. Not a name that rings out, but he’s in command of two ships and obviously trusted by the Guild and this CITADEL. Curious.

Sounds like my duties will be fairly standard, this time around.



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