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900 SGE


7 CPS Sherra and CPS Rebeckah launch from Faros under the command of CITADEL operative Captain E. Jacob Riley.
20 Destroyed the rogue levium refinery (Primary Objecive – Luftmeisters) and recovered the mysterious Dragonfly vessel for Acheron (Lady of Gears). Md. Mariah Cole produces impressive results while mercenary forces live up to reputation.
23 Ashley Galliford and Md. Mariah Cole are invited to the Lieutenant’s Mess for dinner. Egged on by Samuel T. Marlowe, Captain Riley makes a sudden and surprising first appearance at his officer’s table.
25-26 Certain personages aboard ship experience unsettling dreams, before being awoken by storm bells. CPS Sherra disappears from visual range, and the CPS Rebeckah is overtaken by the massive Shard Haseth, behemoth pirate ship of the Pirate Lord Rattlebones. The Rebeckah is boarded, but attacking force is successfully repelled. Casualties are high. Operatives under the command of Captain Riley free their ship, but a force of undead remain trapped on the deck. Captain Riley agrees to release the Dragonfly vessel into Rattlebones’ possession in return for the pirate’s prisoners and release of the Sherra.
26 CPS Sherra is reunited with the CPS Rebeckah following the departure of the Dragonfly. Mortifect remains a hostage, Mr. Cabler is discovered alive in the Rebeckah ‘s engine room, and the Captain interrogates Orrick Dar-Fel, who loses two fingers to Mr. Galliford’s axe. Dame Tourmaline, acting Captain of the Sherra, is abed, recovering from serious wounds but is rendered paraplegic.
27 An uncharted island is spotted by the drifting frigates. Captain Riley takes his strike team to investigate while repairs continue aboard ship. They uncover a massive resonant energy collection station feeding into a subterranean facility. Once a Republican research lab (likely sometime between 0-400 SGE), the base is home to numerous bones and more numerous, mysteriously placed traps. After one particular trap of divine origin ( a Wyrm’s malicious head, breathing fire), the crew rescued a young girl, frozen in time, identified only as Ze (possibly short for Subject Zero).
Acheron was informed of the Dragonfly’s removed parts, and offered no ill will. Captain Riley dined with Iseult Lady Kannarkin, who had studied under the Abbot. Ze was installed as the Captain’s cabingirl, and has taking a liking to Tyrael.
28 Through an unknowingly traumatic attempt at civil conversation, Sam may have become a kill-on-sight target of the entire legion of Exceptionals. The Captain experienced another disturbing dream.
29 Arrived in Tal-Jika The Liberation of Tal-Jika


18 The CPS Rebeckah arrives in Faros.
20 While visiting the Crystal Palace, Captain Riley is officially welcomed into CITADEL as a fully-fledged agent. Director Rickard Straeth informs him that his new mission is to combat pirates in Trebarre, while the CPS Rebeckah is transferred to Sir Akienne. The crew meets Cass Mullaney, a brilliant young technomanticist, and Motochika Sanshin, an Amatsuran strategist of the first water.
22 The crew disperse to spread their hard-earned coin amongst the local technomantic smiths and armorers. Many new devices are sketched, forged, and assembled.
28 Riley visits Omoeia Monastery and retrieves schematics for a technomantic barrier shield from the belongings of Llewellyn Danielson.


14 The CPS Rebeckah, under the command of Captain Sir Akienne, departs Faros bound for Fort Rochelle, on Trebarre. Joining E. Jacob Riley’s command are Motochika Sanshin, Sir John Rand, Md. Ketra Alder, Chang Fei Li, Candor Bragg, and Ens. Talian Sheppard.
16 The Rebeckah arrives at Fort Rochelle only to find the fortress aflame, bombarded by Red Renatta, one of the seven Pirate Lords. Sir Akienne dispatches Captain Riley et al to secure the safety of any surviving Knights and their attending personnel. Once grounded, the strike team easily breaks through the pirates’ perimeter guard, but the arcanist identified as Mr. Thorpe escapes. A scouting Ashley Galliford is attacked by a strange humanoid creature with Resonant ability. Captain Riley, Md. Mariah Cole, Mr. Samuel T. Marlowe, Dr. Margot Fortescue, and the rest of the Captain’s retinue attempt to intervene, but are redirected due to a wall of fire. Upon searching for an alternate approach, the newest members vanish, a dread mist appears, and the crew find themselves in the midst of a war between Shaan warriors and Republican forces. Most worryingly, the Shaan are dedicated to the King of Stars as a messianic figure. Md. Cole saves the lives of Captain Riley and Dr. Fortescue with terrifying accuracy. Mr. Galliford dispatches his foe and retrieves a highly resonant glaive.
Sam concludes that Red Renatta may be after an artifact housed in the fort’s deep levels. Captain Riley leads his team to the defensive towers with objections from Dr. Fortescue and Mr. Marlowe. Enroute they encounter Squire Denham, a gnome blacksmith leading several younger squires to defend the main hall. Resistance is met on the tower’s gun deck, but immediately before the engagement, Md. Cole manages to overhear a brief snatch of conversation suggesting possible traitors among either the Rebeckah’s or CITADEL’s ranks, and catch sight of a cloaked figure retreating through a tower window. The enemy combatants are several prototype armordynes and one man in powered armor; After sustaining moderate injury, the leader, a gnome identified as Dr. Francois Bonnet, rockets out of his powered armor and out of the tower. Md. Cole intercepts, causing an erratic flight, though Dr. Bonnet survives (status unknown). Mr. Galliford takes command of the assembled parties, forming a gunnery team, and begins firing on Renatta’s ship. Captain Riley sustains critical injuries, but parleys with the Pirate Lord briefly. Upon return to the main hall, the crew finds few survivors. Squire Denham leads them to Turalyona Katerina Angstrel Apterin, Princess of the Kingdom of Adda, a possible target of the assault. Captain Riley is given temporary command of the Fort, until such time as the main force of Knights return.
Objectives: 1) Restore Fort Rochelle, 2) Create Order out of Chaos, 3) Restore the Balance of Power, 4) Kill, Capture, or Reform the enemies’ leadership, 5) Protect the populace, & 6) Strengthen CITADEL.
17 Orders given out as follow: Candor Bragg to repair the curtain wall; Ketra Alder to forage; Talian Sheppard to investigate the Knights; Chang Fei-Li to rebuild the town; Motochika Sanshin to coordinate efforts.
23 Captain Riley leads his strike team (sans a blinded Marlowe) head northwest of the Fort to deal with the bandit nuisance. They encounter a conclave of the Bandit Lords of Trebarre: Darwin Oldfang, a were-bear; Six-Shot Susan LaCroix; the sniper Angela Bradley; and another concealed arcanist using gas grenades. Mr. Galliford entreats peace through a prior relationship to Angela Bradley (Drydock). Md. Cole’s eye is put out by Susan LaCroix. The bandits agree that the Fort is too strong to make an easy target, and will pursue less combative prey elsewhere on the island.


1 Dusk of Evernight — Captain Riley is drafted into a secret mission by Sir Akienne, Ketra Alder sees more than she signed on for, and evidence comes to light of Stannis Pennecoste’s survival.
Meanwhile, Dame Alice Dawnblood of the Knights Mentari brings a proposal to the remainder of the Captain’s retinue: that they aid her in seeking out Lord Xavier Cato — commander of Ft. Rochelle and the Knights Mentari, and M.I.A. since his attempt to secure reinforcements just prior to Red Renatta’s attack. Md. Cole, Dr. Fortescue, and Mr. Galliford accept; Mr. Marlowe, at the time, is pursuing his own research in solitude. Before setting off, Mr. Galliford is recognized by a wandering tradesman, one Coleman Caine, and entrusts a letter to him for delivery to Drydock.
2-3 The Captain arrives in Obstkern (on the isle of Kahlbourg) and adopts the persona Micah Joran, a belligerent mercenary with twin short swords and a ratty brown coat. His entryman, Finn Lamfada, introduces the rogue luftmeister, Parros, and his pilot, Cordelia. Their mission is to infiltrate the mysterious installation known as the Nachtkessel and steal a Continental Landing Craft (Tortoise BX-7, nicknamed “Turtle Box”). They run afoul of Prince Ghislain, his gobber companion Gully, and Sir Anton “The Rook” at a fine drinking establishment whilst coming to the aid of the Amatsuran entertainer, Motochika Eiko. Finn Lamfada is last seen fleeing the bar.
Dame Dawnblood and her search party spend the night at Ackar Villeforte to the west of Ft. Rochelle, where they engage moderately in traditional Evernight. They are also introduced to a nearby bandit crew who arrive to make their customary demands of Villeforte’s food and supplies. The party chooses not to intervene.
4 After spending the night in Constable Ewald Dechert’s drunk tank, the Captain and his ersatz party find a connection — through Motochika Eiko — to a somewhat portly gentleman answering to Mr. Hand who provides them with evidence of a deactivated ventilation tunnel leading to the Nachtkessel. Dechert finds a connection to the Nachtkessel itself, when he is invited into the ranks of its operatives by the intimidating Prince Attalwulf.
The Dawnblood search party finds its way to an apparently ancient fortress built in to the side of a canyon near the last reported location of Lord Cato. They make their way inside and are assaulted by waves upon waves of monstrously large scorpions, and survive in large part due to the intervention of Lyanna — an adventurer and arcanist on a mission of her own to locate a lost caravan — and an enormous Sentinel Owl. They find no sign of Cato, however, and decide to return to Ft. Rochelle.
5 Having infiltrated the Nachtkessel, the party surveys several examples of experimental Teknomantic devices before running afoul of security forces. Riley is saved by several blue/gray greatcoat-wearing Commandos of immense power. While locating levium for the Turtle Box, Riley encounters Mongoose in a densely fogged room. The Commando confirms that he is Serran‘s mysterious superior, and berates Riley for his continued failure as the King of Stars before disappearing. Ewald Dechert appears and challenges Riley’s cause. Eiko confronts the Rook, to no conclusion. Riley retrieves levium along with the body of a young Commando, whose dying words were, “Tell Mongoose I’m sorry…I wasn’t strong enough”. His escape aboard the Turtle Box is covered by Commandos. Motochika Eiko is returned home before rendezvousing with the Rebeckah.
6 The Dawnblood party returns empty-handed but unharmed — save for what appears to be the contraction of a minor illness by Dr. Fortescue — to Ft. Rochelle.
7 Dawn of EvernightMr. Marlowe, finally acquiescing to a long-held desire to investigate the reputedly dangerous catacombs beneath Ft. Rochelle, acquires the permission of Chaplain Vasili Starnsk to do so, provided that he put no member of the Fort’s garrison in danger. Marlowe’s progress is stymied by traps both magical and mundane, but makes a second attempt with the assistance of Dr. Fortescue, Mr. Galliford, and Squire Denham, whose interest lies in rescuing a group of apprentices missing since Renatta’s attack and generally presumed dead. They are found indeed to be so, and the party is set upon by several undead creatures. Sam’s discoveries in the catacombs are limited, but he does come across a highly magical object of unknown origin and cabbage-like design.
8 Riley returns to Ft. Rochelle, followed shortly by Sir Akienne and the Rebeckah. The bird-man brings with him a new assignment for the party: they are to descend to the continental dwarven city of Kolyat-Vadra, capital of clan Vadra-Karracke, which has been turned against by the other dwarven clans and will very soon be under attack. The party’s assignment is to learn as much about the largely enigmatic and isolationist race’s culture as possible, as well as to secure any past or current dwarven technology, all in order to help determine whether CITADEL should intervene in either side of the dwarves’ civil war.
9 The Sack of Kolyat Vadra
14 Upon arriving at Hart’s Falls, the Party meets Lilith Banecourt, a pale, boyish, slip of a woman with a deadly air. She explains that the Mayor is unavailable. Sir John Rand is likewise missing, without definitive proof he ever arrived. While breakfasting at a small diner, the Captain and Ashley receive word of the failed assassination attempt on King Casper II of Hollen Moor. The assassin’s were said to have evoked the King of Stars as their cry. While preparing to leave, Riley is stopped by the elderly wolf-man Engraving the Deeds of the Righteous Hawke, who claims to be sent by the Wheel to provide spiritual and moral guidance to Captain Riley.
19 The Prophecy – Riley will be needed to stand against the onslaught because the Lady of Life and Death will be otherwise preoccupied.
20 While travelling on foot to Shafton Forest, Ashley collapses suddenly. He regains consciousness shortly thereafter, but seems shaken and offers no explanation.
21 Mysteries and Intrigue in Shafton Forest


4-7 The party departs Shafton Forest pursuing Gnaeus Ahenobarbus, accompanied by Lenx Overcrown. After successfully tracking Gnaeus and his party to a ghost town in the Trebarrine wasteland, the Ashley and the party attack at dawn. Dame Violet Tourmaline reinforces the party, searching for Captain Riley. Together they defeat Gnaeus’ forces, killing a well-equipped arcanist and a goblin gyro-copter pilot, and capturing a Lupin blademaster. Ashley’s primary firearm is cleaved in two, Samuel T. Marlowe is bewitched into the form of a housecat, and Riley’s mind is reduced to sapient idiocy.
10 Ashley Galliford and Dame Violet Tourmaline lead a joint-force back to Fort Rochelle. Through the aid of Marlowe’s imaginative skills, Captain Riley maintains a painful idiocy. De Facto leader and unannounced Marshal Galliford takes the lead in dealing with the arrival and entrenchment of Dame Tourmaline’s forces at the Fort Rochelle…
12 The current party departs Fort Rochelle en route to Cataphane Chasm via the village of Ackar Villefort. There they hope to discover a cure for Riley at Eko Monastary, a Shaan instution at the far end of the canyon.
15 Trouble at Ackar Villefort. Politics about the town are tense, with factions only being discussed in hushed tones. An old woman bars her door in fear of Margot.
16 The party meets the reclusive goatherd Jedidiah Thompson at his frontier estate while seeking shelter from a thunderstorm.
18 The party, now including Jed, his sheepdog Dusty, and guardian direwolf Wehrlgar, enters the Cataphane Chasm. After dealing with several gatehouses filled with Giant Scorpions, they find a dead Orc man bearing notes referring to the Mayor of Hart’s Falls. During their descent the party is stymied by a Strange, Mystical Barrier tied to stone totems along the path. Eventually the party forcibly deactivates the barrier and enters the valley.
18-??? The Journey of Five Rivers
+2 The party is airlifted via the GFS Nova back to Fort Rochelle after Lt. Cmdr. Cortana’s timely rescue. Dr. Margot Fortescue vanishes in a Divine Miracle while aboard. Upon arrival the party finds the Fort much repaired, with supplies from Shafton and the Dracovir being put to use. A small festival town has sprung up in preparation for The CITADEL Summit. The Knights under Chaplain Starnks have relocated southward, while a tribe of Orcs and Dwarves from the continent have settled north of the Fort. With the aid of Zhao’s ancient tome, Marlowe restores Captain Riley to his original state.


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