P4 - Prophecy: All Things Shall Perish

All things shall perish.
There shall come an age when new light casts old shadows
and new gods contend with old mistakes
a time for heroes to vanquish Marduk’s Boundry
and don the faulty armor of new flesh
for the tree rots and feeds the seed
the sapling reflects what has been and must be

The Dead God and the God who is Death
the pale angel who weeps blood but feels nothing
and the Starving God, eater of souls, Radiant Lifegiver
as these four dance to a funeral dirge where Czandaka-Fi
was born, killed, and born again;
their numberless servants will burn the Aetheria to ash

In this tide of doom ride shadows
with long grotesque arms
and 1,001 masks each
the hide falsehood behind lies, and cloak puzzles in revelations
the cannot be understood, yet they understand the blackest mysteries;
a court of nightmare tapestries;

This is the day when the Gardener’s charges must stand on their own; This is the time when his preparations will be tested, as they were tested once before. This is the day when the strength of the new gods, and the heroism of the mortal races shall be assayed.

One shall rise, not alone but on the shoulders of those who would sacrifice all and more that this one hero should rise! Rise to the stars themselves!
And should the last hero fail, so fails all hope. The tree shall die; the gods shall be Devoured. and all things everywhere

P4 - Prophecy: All Things Shall Perish

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