P4 PCs

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Description Crunch Player
Captain E. Jacob Riley The King of Stars; potential hero Gunmage 6/Amethyst Rose Gunmage 6 Sean
Mr. Ashley Galliford A former Republican black operative and Trebarrine marshal Ranger 15/Scout 1 Edward
Mr. Samuel T. Marlowe, Esq. An ever-resourceful detektive from Hollen Moor; potentially puppeteered by Sin Dao Factotum 15 Carmen
Lady Violet Tourmaline Matriarch of the Tourmaline bloodline and fearsome ’dyne pilot Fighter 15 Nina

Friends in the Field

Description Crunch Player
Midshipman Mariah Cole Guild pilot currently abroad hunting Rattlebones under the command of L. H. Chandler Rogue 13 Nina
Virage Amnesiac warrior bearing an axe of unmatched quality Barbarian 7/Frenzied Berserker 8 Adam
Doctor Margot Fortescue A mysterious surgeon who dreams of The Scholar, sent to protect Riley. Recalled to the Wild North Favored Soul 12 Janelle
Adelaide Voltus Naive champion of The Lady of Gears and ward of Lanx Overcrown Paladin 13 Shar
Jedidiah Thompson Goatherd druid with a pack of sheepdogs and one giant direwolf. Currently in charge of the Green of Fort Rochelle Druid 10/Beastmaster 5 Sean

P4 PCs

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