Magelock Firearms

‘Magelock’ is the term given to the special firearms wielded by gunmages. These rare individuals, arcanists who achieve full power only through the technology of their weapon, rely on the specialized construction and superior craftsmanship of their magelock firearms to achieve their spectacular feats.

Weapon Damage Damage (S) Critical Range Weight Price Ammo Reload
Pistol, Civilian 2d4 1d6 19-20/x3 40 ft 4 lb 800 gp 6-8 gp DC6, standard
Pistol, Derringer 2d4-2 1d6-1 19-20/x3 20 ft 2 lb 1000 gp 5-6 gp DC 12, standard x2
Pistol, Military 2d6 1d10 19-20/x3 80 ft 5 lb 1200 gp 8-10 gp DC 8, standard
Carbine, Military 2d8 2d6 19-20/x3 150 ft 10 lb 6000 gp 10-12 gp DC 10, standard x2
Rifle, Long 2d6 1d10 19-20/x3 160 ft 10 lb 5000 gp 8-10 gp DC 10, standard
Rifle, Military 2d8 2d6 19-20/x3 200 ft 15 lb 8400 gp 10-12gp DC 12, standard x2

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Magelock Firearms

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