Firearm Customization

Upgrades & Accessories

Upgrade Effect Price
Double-Barreled +50% weight of pistols, +75% weight of rifles. 150% price of firearm
Balanced Multi-Barreled DC 10 Craft (Firearms) to reload. Each additional barrel increases weight by +30%. +75% per additional barrel
Accuracy +1 bonus to attack rolls +300 gp
Scope Range increment penalty reduced to -1 per increment. +75 gp
Lightweight Overall weight of firearm reduced by one-third. +120 gp
Elohim Arms Breechlock Sabot The weapon now fires specially prepared brass cartridges via a complex clockwork mechanism. The empty sabot is ejected when opened to reload, and another cartridge may be loaded without making a Craft (Firearms) check. The weapon must be cleaned every five shots; failing to do so imparts a -2 penalty to attack rolls and a cumulative 10% (max 90%) of jamming. Cleaning the jam requires a DC 15 Craft (Firearms) check followed by a second check at DC 10 to reset the firearm. +300 gp per barrel (must convert whole firearm); ammo x10 cost, x5 with recycled brass sabots; reloading only by qualified alchemist with special tools.
Barrel Baffle Rifle-only alchemical silencer. Impossible to locate concealed shooter based on sound. Reduces range increment -30 ft. Usable ten times. Standard action to attach, cannot be used with a bayonet. +40 gp, 15 gp to replace alchemicals
Breakdown -2 attack penalty. Must be custom built. 2 full-round actions to assemble or break down, Craft (Firearms) DC8. 200% price of firearm
Bracer Pistol Pistols only, may be used while hand is full. The weapon must be removed from the bracer to reload (draw/holster action), and reloading requires an additional standard action. +150 gp

Specialized Ammunition

Ammo Effect Price
Standard Base weapon damage. As per firearm
Precision +1 to attack roll. +5 gp per shot
Incendiary +1d6 fire damage. Barrel fouled after 12-15 shots. Failure to clean results in a 10% chance of ruining the barrel entirely. +6 gp per shot, 75 gp for barrel re-bore, 50% of original firearm cost to replace barrel

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Firearm Customization

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