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Note: strikethrough indicates that the character is known to be deceased.

Player Characters

Year 0 Characters

d’Caeli’s Staff
Citizens of Etskago City
Other Noteworthies
  • Princess Sophia, “the Werewolf Queen of Aransfield”
  • Tyrale
  • Gary the Demon Bird
  • Solara Shaenar
  • ‘Black’ Becky Shaenar
Isaac’s Party
  • Isaac Chandler
  • Aurelius Victor, Senator and Liche
  • Owen “the Silent”
  • Johnny Dawes
  • Cyrus, “the Mad Prince”
  • Miles

Chukos: SGE 892

  • Abbot Shoukou
  • Straios – The elkman who rescued the PCs in the desert
  • Naxos – Diggel’s contact at the Hollow’s Tale
  • Kyou Songen
  • Squire Donovan
  • Talib the Investigator
  • Saint Eva
  • Boss Crag
  • Boss Hammer
  • Ibrahim al Murashi Priest/Knight of Solara
  • Borealis Traske – arcanist who taught Ibrahim about summoning magic
  • Naritopolous – Captain of the Town Crier’s Guild Youth Auxiliary
  • Laios Meredia – Foreman of the Crystal Palace waterworks
  • Father Genesios Priest of the Great Wheel
  • Willoughby – Georgie’s contact at The Willow
  • Cyricus Maison Riley’s Attorney
  • Rufus the Hand Tetrarch of Satyeva
  • Dromadeius al Murashi – Archon of Satyeva
  • Menoch al Murashi Tetrarch of Satyeva
  • Judge Sir Rosius Helm, former Imperial Guard
Mysterious Others
  • L.H. Chandler
  • Spire (Aspiros)
  • Sin Dao
  • Sir Akienne


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