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The Aetheria calendar is based on two atmospheric changes that delineate the year (roughly 50 weeks, each comprising 7 days of 24 hours), and the Cycle (ten years), respectively.

The Year: Throughout the course of one year the Mist grows thicker and denser until midyear and Evernight, a period of (usually) one week when the Mist is so dense that neither sun nor moon can be seen at all. After Evernight the Mist thins until the Astrum, a single 42 hour period during which the Mist is so thin that the sky is so lit up with the radiance of the sun, the moon, and the multitude of stars that there appears to be no night. Astrum is the final ‘night’ of the year, and celebrants traditionally make use of all 42 hours of light.

The Cycle: Over the course of one cycle the strength of the winds whipping through the Aetheria grows to a terrific zenith before declining to a deathly nadir. Air travel at both extremes is extremely difficult, although during their height the elves were notorious for their dreaded raids when the wind was at its most violent. Even steamships struggle to fly during the months when the winds are at their worst, though the becalming year poses little threat to them. Even at the extreme ends of the cycle there are brief periods when flight is possible and emergency trips can be made, but such windows are unpredictable; more than a few ships have been lost gambling on such things.

The Months: There are many different ways of dividing an Aetheria year, depending on which time-keeping system you choose. Some of the differences are semantic (names of months), some are minor (does the year begin on Astrum, or does it begin during Evernight? At the beginning of Evernight or the end?) and some are significant and confusing (Early 1st Republican attempts to simplify the calendar involved reorganizing it into four Quadrals, coinciding with business accounting practices, each composed of three 30 day months) while some Shaan sects still use a month-less year (It’s Saturday, the 245th of 893 S.G.E. today…) To this day no one dating system has emerged as predominant in the Great Basin Region. For your convenience we will be using the relatively Earth-like Wheelite Liturgical Calendar, adopted by CITADEL and the Guild of Luftmeisters for their internal operations. Because the Aetheria year is an even 360 days, each of the 12 months is 30 days. (Many of the names can be traced to the ‘Richards Calendar’, which was used by the Knighthood during the War of the Thorn).

1. Solus => 2. Rota => 3. Tyrnal => 4. Freijal => 5. Lokital => 6. Noctis => 7. Baldral => 8.
Nidal => 9. Feinral => 10. Ordinal => 11. Imperius => 12. Aester

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