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  • Incident Report: 23 Noctis 900

    -Post to *Hart's Falls*- Post to *Mariador*
    Attn: *Captain Sir Akienne*, CPS _Rebeckah_ Incident Report: Bandit Contact West-by-North of Fort Rochelle After delegating the tasks of Strengthening our weakyned Defenses (*Mr. Bragg*), Foraging for …

  • Captain's Log, 28 Lokital 900

    28 Lokital 900

    Turns out this job started and ended with the same fellow, a blondie named Daniel of Armacaia. Took me to speak with Sir Akienne, who took away the _Rebeckah_ and the _Sherra_. Handed me quite the paycheck before putting us on a …

  • The Gunmage's Return

    A record of [[:ejacobriley | E. Jacob Riley]]. Awoken before dawn by Shaan monks and told to bring [[:magelock-miranda | Miranda]] but nothing else. When Riley agreed, a number of lesser acolytes moved into his room and began to collect his belongings. …

  • Amidst A Newfound Glory

    How do I begin to chronicle this journey? The Scholars and Shaan call the year [[Ratatosk Standard Dating | 892 in the Era of Small Gods]], but I no longer find this descriptive enough. Instead, this entry marks the 20th day of my Reunion with [[:27690 | …

  • Dusk Falls, And Words are Kept in Darkness

    The others sleep. Llewellyn rests his head on the Gauntlet as if it were made of down. Diggel's ears twitch in rhythm with my pen. Serren's calm slumber makes me question if he sleeps at all or merely waits. Johaness snores and speaks in gibberish. The …

  • Away from the City Lights

    Yup. I'm in prison. Diggle's fault. That black cat-man came calling. He stayed to the shadows, never showing me anything. Thought he might be there with a kind of deadly intent. 'Stead, he asked me things. Things like, "What do you think of the sun?" I …

  • First Captain's Prologue

    3 Freijal 900

    -What in the name of the gods- -This is the first entry of CPS _Rebecka_ captain- -Yes Captain Riley, Sir! Let me help you, Captain Riley, Sir! This way, Mr. Captain Riley, Sir!- -She's not the _Scorpion_-

    Second Captain's Prologue

    7th Freijal 900

    [_All up and down this page are faint paw prints and occasional liquid stains._]

    Docked at Faros yesterday, ladies are getting their traveling preparations finished. Few dings 'n scratches …

  • Third Captain's Prologue

    8 Freijal 900

    Preparing to launch from Faros in the morning—had to delay a day, Pennecoste's *special acquisition* failed to arrive on time. He called them "Barnstomers", some sort of slow, tough shot for the forward guns. Don't really see the …

  • Captain's Private Log, 27 Freijal 900

    27th Freijal 900

    Rattlebones. The _Shard Haseth_.
    I do not know whether they created the storm, or just used it as cover. Undead. The only thing worse than undead are Grey Men. You can't fight smart and you can't fight safe with undead. …

  • Captain's Private Log, 30 Freijal 900

    30th Freijal 900

    It seems a lot has happened in a very short while. I had feared our encounter with the Shard Haseth would be the end of this terrible experiment. How many ways could I possibly find to dash the hopes and dreams of so many …

  • Captain's Log, 11 Lokital 900

    11 Lokital 900

    I'm not sure whether to be relieved or terrified that nobody has brought up my so-called title. Not so much as a peep! Not even Sam—which would seem troublesome... hells, I've only known the man a month. I guess it wouldn't kill …

  • Captain's Private Log, 12 Noctis 900

    12 Noctis 900

    It seems our payday has been a boon for the technomantik merchants here in Faros. Ashley's toting a new pair of carbines, one of which is deadly against mages... I'm doing my best to not feel threatened on that account. Have a …

  • Captain's Private Log, 19 Noctis 900

    19 Noctis 900

    I guess arriving at Fort Rochelle could never have been easy, but I never expected this. I must be crazy. I guess I've had my reckless days, but those were unique circumstances, not to mention a long time ago. I was supposed to …

  • A Hastily Scrawled Note

    EVERNIGHT Dreaming again! New places colors Ze there watching
    Older, crown, HOME, fleet. Both houses aflame!
    Captain Cole?
    Redhead--who is she? The tip of my tongue.
    HE'S ALIVE. I swear I will make this right.

    Captain's Private Log, 6 Baldral 900


    6 Baldral 900

    It's good to be back, if even for a moment. The journey to and from Obstkern was simple enough; the events landside have left me drained of energy and mind. Repairs have continued apace in my absence, and Ze's been a …

  • Captain's Private Log, 9 Baldral 900

    9 Baldral 900

    or it may be 10. Sobering up a bit but it's dark outside still coming off Evernighttime. Feel all like gunshots over my skin. My clothes are all burned up and off and my holsters and everything! Theres dark black spots of dragons …

  • Captain's Log, 17 Baldral 900

    17 Baldral 900

    My staff and I safely arrived back at Fort Rochelle. As per my instructions, Md. Alder has managed to keep the people fed, though she informs me that the surrounding lands have been foraged bare. The walls and town remain in …

  • Captain's Private Log, 20 Baldral 900

    20 Baldral 900

    I feel sick to my stomach. It's been years since I figured out the Abbot's game, but now this King of Stars bullshit has gone too far. They took me in because of a damn prophesy, because they believe I'm the one to fill those …

  • Captain's Log, 4 Nidal 900

    4 Nidal 900

    After much difficulty, both food and lumber have succesfully been acquired for the continued upkeep and reconstruction of Fort Rochelle. We have successfully laid the foundation for further collaboration with the High Council of …

  • Captain's Log, Feinral 900

    Feinral 900

    I, E. Jacob Riley, Captain of CITADEL and Commander of the Fort Rochelle, being of sound body and mind, do hereby declare myself fit to resume directorship of the operations of the Fort. The actions of Marshal Galliford and …

  • Captain's Log, Feinral 900 [Cont'd]

    Feinral 900

    Preparations for the CITADEL Summit are well under way. We have secured the services of the Sable Band, a security force specializing in small unit tactics, independent agents, and intelligence. While they do not bring …

  • Part4 - Crew Assignments

    *The Exceptionally Fyne Crew of the _Rebecka_*

    * [[:ejacobriley | E. Jacob Riley]], Captain

    - Obviously unsuited for command; carries and cares for a massive, ancient pistol named *Miranda*; seems to have a …

  • Fort Rochelle

    CITADEL Captain E. Jacob Riley, commanding. Mayor? Fort Rochelle is currently a CITADEL stronghold on the South Eastern coast of Trebarre. As of the Resurgence of Captain Riley the area surrounding the Fort has attracted a small community of …

  • Riley's Dreams

    |_. Felrun's Need |_. 28 Baldral 900 | Riley dreamed he was on an unfamiliar island atop a cliff overlooking a fortress-city, the wind calling his name in an unfamiliar voice. Crashed airships of foreign design littered the green-tinged sky. Equally …

  • E. Jacob Riley

    Captain E. Jacob Riley is a well-built Human male who appears in the prime of life. Quite handsome when he remembers to groom, quite roguish when he forgets. His features are sharp and sleek, though his manner oscillates between a lazy disinterest and …