To Fly on Metal Wings

With a Flash of Light...
A page out of Georgie's journal.

What have I done to these people? Companions lost, or separated from us. And now this place. Or time, rather. That’s going to take some getting used to. Would they have been involved in all of this, if it hadn’t been for me? The events of the past… well, it only feels like a few days, were trying enough. Then my powers seemed to have left me. I’m not entirely sure what I’d have done. The only way in which I ever seemed to counteract the trouble I brought on everyone was by being able to patch them up afterwards, and if it had all been truly gone, I’d just have been so much dead weight.

If things in the cave hadn’t gone as they did, I probably would have stayed at the monastery. The old woman who makes salves and balms had taken a shine to me; i could have learned a trade and been of use.

But I’ve managed to tap into the source of my power more easily each time. It was strange, when I attempted to repel that undead in the cave, I could feel that it wasn’t my brooch that channeled the energies that destroyed the creature. I always used to need it, but for whatever reason those energies emanate directly from me, now. At the very least, the fight in the cave showed me that I can still take care of myself when the need arises.

Finally, there she was. Her Ladyship. And written beneath this title, another which I had to use my powers to decipher. Our Lady of Life and Death. She was there when I held the dreamshard, and she has since been in my dreams. She is me, but different somehow. Who sculpted her, and left her in such a place?

It is time I rested. There is much more to say, but the days are hot and I find myself fighting off sleep.

On a Hawk's Wings
In the middle of the desert, a strange meeting

The Ant-men had attacked in numbers too great for Serran alone to repel. Forced to abandon the scholars he was in some part responsible for protecting, he retreated into the desert, where his unique abilities made it easy to evade the marauders. From a distance, he followed them back to an old abandoned fort, where the ants were industriously repairing. He contemplated infiltrating, but doubted what good it would do- he could slip in and out of the building without notice with ease, but getting the scholars out in one piece was at the present impossible. He retreated back into the desert, and meditated till nightfall.

He broke from his meditation after he sensed the approach of others. Finding them moving through the canyon, he tailed them, and, when the stopped to make camp, dropped down to say hello. Though initially unfriendly, when it became clear that they had a common goal, they agreed to press onward towards the fort together.

Ever polite, Serran insisted on formal introductions that the others seemed a bit odd. Little did they know that Serran himself is now very interested in them, particularly the goblin, the arcanist, and the girl with a strange presence around her…

The Gunmage's Return
Naked, ordained, and armed only with Miranda, Ephraim Jacob Riley proves his power survives

A record of E. Jacob Riley.

Awoken before dawn by Shaan monks and told to bring Miranda but nothing else. When Riley agreed, a number of lesser acolytes moved into his room and began to collect his belongings.

Brought to an old, unused room within the monastery where Abbot Shoukou, Kyou Songen, and another elder monk await. The unnamed monk holds a large flat bowl. Songen asked Riley to remove his clothing; a fairly odd request, but Riley acquiesced. Shoukou then tells Riley that the time has come, and that the Shaan have been watching and testing him all these years. They begin to draw arcane symbols and glyphs about his body with the golden contents of the bowl. When they have finished, Shoukou hands Miranda back to Riley, who takes the pistol and examines his hands. He remembers this image from a dream long ago. A small hidden door is opened, and Riley crawls through.

He stumbles through dark and rocky tunnels and caverns, compelled to keep going no matter what. Some have water, trickles and streams like those of the monastery’s water source. He collects numerous cuts and bruises, but these do not stall him nor dissuade his journey. At last he comes to a large cavern lined by green crystals. They illuminate upon his entrance, casting light upon an alter covered in white cloth. A small mechanical gargoyle leaps off and attacks Riley with claws and lightning. The struggle was brief and one-sided; Riley’s magic, both spark and flame, have fully returned.


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