Margot Fortescue

Lycanthrope with an M.D.


Favored Soul
Lvl. 9

STR: 17/19
DEX: 14/18
CON: 14/18
INT: 10
WIS: 17
CHA: 18
AC: 15
HP: 63
SAVES: Fortitude:8/Reflex:8/Will:11
Reputation: 15

Margot is a waifish 5’3", with icy blue eyes shining like glass and long raven hair woven down her back. She keeps herself presentable and clean, but it is obvious that most of her work is done on the road. Weathered gloves cover her hands and her billowing coat – lined with white fox fur she sewed in herself – is fraying in many places. She carries a large staff as she walks the frozen streets of Drakaar, using its weight to break up the ice at her feet and to support her in the harsh wind, but it is more than it appears. When threatened, Margot can unhinge the spring-loaded cover to reveal a hidden spear, possessing an ice lance capability. However, Margot is rarely moved toward violence, preferring to use her Horn of Mercy when facing considerable opposition. Its considerable non-lethal damage can only be outdone by civilized discourse, in Margot’s opinion.


Margot Fortescue

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