E. Jacob Riley

Perfect vision and still no perspective.


Captain E. Jacob Riley is a well-built Human male, perhaps late 20’s. Quite handsome when he remembers to groom, quite roguish when he forgets. His features are sharp and sleek, though his manner oscillates between a lazy disinterest and rash reconsideration. His shortly cropped light brown hair would make his bright blue eyes shine were he not focused on golden stars embroidered upon the tricorne in his hands. Twin pistols hang at his right side, one at his hip and the other on his thigh. To those with a quick eye, a larger, majestic firearm remains unused on his left, tucked neatly behind his back. A streamlined dark blue coat with gold trims, shifting and pulsating with Resonant power, covers a tarnished angular breastplate. A thick leather belt with an heptagonal buckle sits on his hips.


Riley’s magic manifests with a flame and electricity motif. When he concentrates, spells manifest with a blue flame and sparks. The air around him crackles with static from time to time, and when he becomes agitated small blue flames and sparks dance off his knuckles.

Most striking about Captain Riley’s Resonant characteristics are his eyes – electric blue, more vibrant than the most extravagantly dyed clothes. From time to time you may have noticed other attributes of those eyes – how he writes for hours by lantern, but never rubs his eyes; noticing the smudge on your goggles from across the bridge; or perhaps knowing exactly where your enemies were, despite the midnight ambush.

Interests and Goals

Nominally, the Captain’s standing orders pertain to the “Sacred Preservation of the Ever-Precarious Balance of Natural Forces”. As of late, he has been goaded by several dubious unknowns into a continual state of guilt. His official orders are to strengthen Fort Rochelle and CITADEL’s forces by whatever means necessary. While still unclear as to his very nature, more and more people reveal themselves to be expecting great things from Riley. For some, he is the Seed that shall destroy all things; for others, he is the only hope while greater forces than he are distracted. Only one thing is clear: power is gathering in the hands of important souls, human and gnome, angel and mortal. CITADEL is building an army, and it may be Riley that holds it together…

Though clearly no fool, the Captain is neither the most clever nor clear-headed commander. His personal agenda seems clear and simple enough: do his job, protect his people, and avoid all mention of the King of Stars… until the time is right.

Whatever that means.

Titles & Appointments
  • Friend of the Birds of Satyeva – Egg Guardian
  • Shaan Acolyte
  • Former Guardian of Omoeia Monestary
  • Deputy of the Knighthood (Courtesy Sir Johannes Von Sonnen)
  • CITADEL Operative – Captain
  • Commander of Fort Rochelle (Trebarrine Knighthood fortress)
Georgina Chandler (MIA)
Abbot Shoukou Omoeia Monastary
Serran Drakar (MIA)
Sir Johannes von Sonnen (MIA)
Dir. Rickard Straeth Crystal Palace
Sir Akienne Straeth CPS Rebeckah
Count Sir Rosius Helm Satyeva
Llewellyn Danielson Buried at Omoeia Monastary

E. Jacob Riley

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