Short, Surly Goblin with a quick tongue and quicker hands.


Classes: Rogue 4, Second Story Man 4, Swashbuckler 2
HP: 57
AC: 20

Saves (Modified): 6 Fort, 13 Ref, 5 Will

BAB: 6/1


Born in the small mining town of Ariale, Diggel grew up with his loving parents in an environment akin to indentured servitude. His parents, despite their impressive skill, were forced by the prejudice against Gobbers to seek employment through a human mechanic. Diggel, his fingers ever itching, was caught steeling and forced to flee from his parents and take refuge in the underbelly of Dalover, lest they be punished as well.
Diggel excelled in the big city, eventually owning his own completely legitimate Junk shop, with nine other Gobbers. With Diggel at the forefront, their exploits gained recognition in the underworld of Dalover, and everything was going well until the fateful day that “Glass Jaw” Harry had a special offer for Diggel alone from a Mr. Cameron D’Caelis.


To Fly on Metal Wings Diggel