Ashley Galliford

The Sad-Eyed Killer


Ashley Galliford
Ranger 13

STR – 13
DEX – 20
CON – 14
INT – 16
WIS – 12
CHA – 8

HP: 92

Saves: Fortitude + 10, Reflex + 13, Will + 5 [ + 2 vs. Illusion]
Speed: 30 ft. [base 20 ft.]
Initiative: + 5
AC: 25 ( + 5 DEX, + 1 size, + 7 armor, + 1 greatcoat, + 1 shield), touch 16, flat-footed 20 [+4 Dodge vs. Giants]

Reputation: 31

BAB/CMB: + 13 / + 13
Attack: Collision-Tech-Enhanced Hunting-Spec’d + 1 ‘Stuttering Peregrine’ + 24/19/14 ranged (1d10+11 piercing, 17-20/x3, 160 ft.)

[additional + 4 damage vs. Favored Enemies]

or Anti-Armor Tri-Barrel Carbine + 23/18/13 (2d6+5 piercing + 1d6 acid, 17-20/x3, 150 ft.)

[+ 2 to-hit, + 2d6 damage v. Constructs]

or Resonant-Dampening Tri-Barrel Carbine + 23/18/13 (2d6+5 piercing, 17-20/x3, 150 ft.)

[+ 2 to-hit, + 2d6 damage v. Arcane spellcasters, -2/hit to target’s SR for one round, optional targeted Dispel Magic (CL 10) on hit]

or ‘Thunder Pelican’ Scattergun (1d8+6, 30 ft. cone, Reflex Save DC 22 + 1d20 for no damage)
or Water Steel Handaxe + 16/11/6 melee (1d4+1 slashing, 20/x3)
or Portable Hand Cannon + 19 [+ 4 vs. Large and up] ranged (2d10+10 piercing, 19-20/x3, 20 ft.)

Feats: Exotic Exotic Weapon Proficiency (small arms), Track, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (rifles), Endurance, Point Blank Shot, Rifleman, Precise Shot, Improved Favored Enemy, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (heavy arms), Sharpshooter (rifles), Improved Precise Shot, Improved Critical (rifles)

Skills: Acrobatics 10 (15 to jump), Climb 13 (15 w/ claw gloves), Craft [Alchemy] 7, Craft [Culinary] 7, Craft [Demolitions] 7, Craft [Firearms] 19, Craft [Heavy Arms] 17, Craft [Technomanticks] 7, Heal 5, Knowledge [Geography] 12, Knowledge [Natural Philosophy] 17, Knowledge [Tactics] 12, Perception 17 (19 to smell/touch), Profession [Mercenary] 17, Ride 5, Sense Motive 5, Stealth 20, Survival 17

Languages: Arachos (studying), Cathay, Chukosian, Crestish, Republican Standard, Trebarrine

Class Abilities: Favored Enemy [Gnome +5, Human +7, Construct +7], Voice of the City, Distracting Attack, Woodland Stride, Swift Tracker, Evasion, Camouflage

Racial Abilities: Low-Light Vision, +1 attack vs. Goblinoids/Kobolds, +2 to Perception checks related to smell/touch


Ashley Galliford stands tall, for a gnome, at four feet and eight inches in height. He is thin, but well-muscled in a wiry fashion, and appears to be in his mid-thirties. His sandy, reddish hair sticks out in whatever direction it pleases, and is laced with grey hairs, particularly at his temples. The bushy, bristly mustache he favors is predominantly silver.

The gnome is practically a walking arsenal. Slung diagonally across his back is a repeating long rifle – built in the increasingly popular revolving-chamber style – just barely under four feet from end to end. The slender, masterfully built repeater is clearly technomantickally enhanced; slim conduits run along the length of its barrel and in to a large accumulator placed on its underside, directly in front of the trigger. Opposite it is a shotgun, a bit shorter and sporting two rather intimidating flared barrels. At his waist he wears a pair of triple-barreled carbines. They are only about two feet each, but are no less impressively crafted than the repeater. The carbine on his left is the bulkier, its barrels wider and conduits wrapped tightly in several layers of insulation (the latter presumably related the weapon’s faint scent of sulphur and burning hair). The one on his right is slender, almost graceful in its construction. The gun’s myriad conduits are nearly as fine as hair, and minute runes are inscribed along the entire length of its barrel. Even more peculiar, however, is the gun’s rapidly fluctuating resonant signature. Any person with an acute sense for such things may find his or herself with quite a headache if they observe it for too long. Finally, a shiny, well-balanced hand-axe hangs at his belt.

Ashley’s garb was certainly not chosen with the latest fashions in mind. The ensemble is a hodgepodge of various Aetherial styles, patches haphazardly sewn here and there, in an array of faded earth tones. He does seem to keep his attire quite clean, however. In this spirit of functionality, a weathered leather utility belt at his waist bulges with various small tools, and a tarnished buckler is strapped to his left forearm. The gnome’s breastplate, clearly a piece of quality craftsmanship, appears at first glance to be riddled with the pockmarks and scars of many battles. A closer inspection shows it – in addition to this tapestry of past violence – to be streaked with bands of intricate runic iconography unusual to any of the Middle Islands. It may even, from time to time, give off the smells of burnt soil and the sky before a storm. But perhaps that’s simply something you’ve imagined.

He has a fairly deep voice, for one so small of stature, with a gravelly timbre and an almost ponderous pace. Every word seems chosen with care, and frequently he chooses not to use any at all. Ashley Galliford’s accent is difficult to place; it seems to combine the unprepossessing drawl of the southern Great Basin’s back-country with an almost aristocratic edge reminiscent of the Republican isles.

His face is forgettable. Unimpressive. Not hideous, but certainly not handsome. If one recalled anything about his visage, it would likely be a slight droop to all his features. A sadness, you might hazard, to his dull grey eyes.

Ashley Galliford

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