Emile Groenwoud

Level 3 Human Knight of Shields
AC 22 (10+8 (MW Fullplate)+4 (Tower Shield) FF: 22, Touch: 10 HP: 47
Fort: 1+3(Con) Ref: 1+0(Dex) Will: 3+1(Wis)
M. Attack: 3+3(Str)-2(Tower Shield) R. Attack: – Grapple: 3+Con
Initiative: +4 Speed: 20’

Attack: +5 Groenwoud’s Fang (+1 Magical Bastard Sword, Family Heirloom), 1d10+3, 19-20/x2

Str 16 +3
Dex 11 +0
Con 16 +3
Int 11 +0
Wis 12 +1
Cha 17 +3

Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword) (L1 Feat), Ability Focus (Knight’s Challenge) (Human Bonus Feat), Tower Shield Proficiency (L2 Class Feature), Improved Initiative (L3 Feat)

Abilities: Knight’s Challenge: Fighting Challenge +1; Shield Block +1; Bulwark of Defense


The second eldest of the Groenwoud brothers, Emile, like his brothers, has chosen a martial lifestyle, which has served him well since the undead invasion. However, unlike the rest of his brothers, and perhaps more like his younger sister, his path is much stricter and more regimented. A Knight’s Code is a difficult and demanding thing.

Emile Groenwoud

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