Sin Dao

An all black member of the Leopard Clan, cloaked in shadows


Sin Dao first appeared in Ibrahim’s house, perusing the study. Ephraim encountered him, and a confrontation began. Sin Dao has the uncanny ability to move through shadows and strike unexpectedly. He fled after the rest of the party arrived, hissing that “No master is worth this”.

He was next encountered by Ephraim in prison. He “interviewed” the gunmage about his thoughts on the sun and moon. After his rather neutral answers, Riley was deemed not an enemy, but not necessarily a friend. He promised to return to the gunmage’s cell. Before he left, he revealed his face but not his name, and Riley noticed a number of familiar symbols and pendants. The most hidden of these is a Great Wheel on a chain. The flesh beneath it is slightly burnt.

Sin Dao arranged for Riley’s escape from prison in order to assist Georgie. He brought an Exceptional to take Ephraim’s place in trial, and revealed his identity to the party at the trial’s conclusion. His employer is the Church of the Great Wheel, and he is clearly allied with the House of al Murashi, but his other allegiances and interests remain dubious.

Sin Dao

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