A polite, constrained man with abilities that even he doesn't fully understand. A far off look in his eyes belies his courteous demeanor, and gives the sense that he is waiting for something...


Ninja 11 HP: 65 AC:21 Initiative: +4 Attacks: The Cairn Sword +12/7 (1d6+4) Shuriken +11 (1d2+2) Sudden Strike +6d6 Precise Strike (-1d6/+2) Ki Pool: 13

Saves: Fort: +6 Reflex: +10 Will: +11

Str. 14, Dex. 14, Con. 14, Int. 13, Wis. 20, Cha. 10

Ninja Abilities: Ki Power (+2 Will Saves with Ki Pool) Ghost Step (Invisible, Ethereal) Ki Dodge (20%) Ghost Strike Acrobatics +2 Great Leap Sudden Strike +6d6 Feats: Expanded Ki Pool Precise Strike Quick Reconnoiter Combat Acrobat Combat Intuition


So far, very little has been learned about Serran. He is short, compact, and muscular, with slick black hair and gray eyes. He seems to be impeccably polite, and is dressed rather inappropriately for the desert in bulky travel clothes that, were it not for the recent attack, would appear extremely neat and tidy. He seems extremely perceptive of his surroundings, occasionally looking almost like an overstuffed bird of prey when he is watching or listening intently. Who knows what thoughts or motivations lie behind his steely eyes?


To Fly on Metal Wings Serran