To Fly on Metal Wings

Author: ???

Location: ??? Date: ???

…Bitch got away.

There, got that out. Don’t like the swearin’ none, but unlikely ma’s ever gonna read this. Should’ve grown up respectable; she don’t deserve a son that cuss’s at or about a lady.

Not that it’s without reason.

I had her. Everything accordin’ to plan. They’d set in for a lil’ “shore leave”, and I found the dive where she’d been hangin’ about. I scoped out her crew first- nothin’ I couldn’t handle. Lots of brawn, sure, but she’s the brains of the pack, and the muscle will do what the mind tells it to. Ingratiated myself with a bit of poker. I play well as any man round these parts, but I won’t deny I brought a little extra luck to this game. None of ‘em caught wise, tho she probably suspected somethin’ by that final hand between the two of us. When I turned over that King-high flush, she almost turned the same scarlet as her Queen of Hearts. Big’un next to her didn’t like that- specially considerin’ the stakes. She calmed him down before he did somethin’ stupid, and I didn’t have to paint those nice dive walls with brains. Not yet anyway.

Didn’t know if she’d bite on the proposal- we played that final hand not for gold, but for a night of her “privacy”. Her thugs objected to her goin’ off alone with me, but to listen to ‘em woulda made it seem like she couldn’t handle herself, and that right there’s death to a captain’s command worse’n than any assassin’s blade. So she came with.

We strolled around a bit (not much to do in this po-dunk), found a nice enough water’n hole and set in to wet our whistles. She took my drinks graciously, and shore’nuff spit’em out on the sly when she thought I weren’t lookin’. I drank any she sent my way, trustin’ on the copious amounts of anti-toxin I had goin’ in me to keep me upright.

We were there ‘til the wee hours, when I finally suggested we make ourselves scarce and bunk down at my place. She took the bait (clearly didn’t trust me none, definitely had me made, but I think I had her intrigued on one or two fronts that she’d indulge me a little longer).

On the way home, I bought her a rose. Marty really did good on that one- must’ve spent all night freezin’ his keester off waitin’ for us to stroll on by, but he sold the part like few could. She accepted, and while she didn’t take her gloves off, she did take a brief sniff.

That’s all we needed.

Got back to my place and that was fun. Afterwards she’s goin’ to fresh’n up, comes back and lays down an’ gives me a lil’ kiss. I can tell she’s already fadin’ out, the dosed pollen finally workin’ its way through her system, shuttin’ off all the lights. Took damn near an hour to kick in, but when it did, she started fadin’ fast. Her last words before she went out were, “Guess you got me after all. The flower?” I nodded, shakin’ my head, feelin’ a little fuzzy myself. She grinned as she lay fading out of consciousness on the pillow. “Never could resist a red rose. Neither could you, apparently.” I shook my head again, dizzy all of a sudden. “What’d you…” I began. She smiled a bright red smile again as her eyes closed. “You fellas…never do notice when…a girl..puts on…new…lipstick.” Then we were both gone.

It was just a matter of who woke up first. Turns out she’s a light sleeper.

So I woke up this mornin’ in nuthin’ but my skivvies. Cash gone, long with a couple other minor valuables. Found my clothes, guns and equipment hangin’ off of the highest weather-vane in town. Sittin’ down at a kaffe-shop right now, nursin’ a poison-hangover.

Plannin’ my revenge.



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