To Fly on Metal Wings

Captain's Private Log, 9 Baldral 900

9 Baldral 900

or it may be 10. Sobering up a bit but it’s dark outside still coming off Evernighttime. Feel all like gunshots over my skin. My clothes are all burned up and off and my holsters and everything! Theres dark black spots of dragons teeth all angry at me from my sleeve. Course his coat is fine. Im always glad he didnt ever wanted it back again.

Below suits a blurred depiction of the Dwarven god’s-coin: the simplistic angel figure is largely recognizable, even under Riley’s unsteady hand. The paper is wrinkled and stained.

How do I get involved in all this nonsense, anyways? Nonsense about men with wings, falling from the mist, or the sky, or whatnot. Llewellyn told me about everything I needed to know about what happened, don’t mean it should be following his ghost. Maybe it should’ve been me, kill me, at least then he’d have an idea what was goin on here. Or be sensible enough to find someone to deal with it. Or walk away. One big stupid angry powerful-beyond-thought family, and now they’re tryin’ to kill each other and the blasted Dwarves worship them? Protect them? Use them as godsdamned giant accumulators for CITIES?! I was trapped into that network for a minute, maybe less, and I couldn’t even stand afterwards. These things have enough Power to last centuries, maybe millenia, and get up and run away. Where did you run?
Met a nice name-eater while I was playing Battery today (yesterday? Ain’t heard no bells yet). Tore me to pieces before some giant grey EYE swallowed him. “Seed from the other tree”, and G is alive for sure but NO he won’t take me to her want to wipe the grin off his
We’re seeds, apparantly. Growing? For what?
He said it was my destiny to destroy everything. Can’t let that happen.

Lost men, a whole company. I’m betting they ran into something no one there could handle. Still might have made an enemy because of it. When you’re in the mercenary business, you always leave something on the ship. That’s how it’s always been! Angry for not retrieving the bodies, hells there may not have been bodies! We don’t know. Too risky. Other lives at stake. Poor tactical decision. I thought being a better commander was supposed to make things easier.
Ms. Cole has been reassigned! Don’t have any idea what’s going on, ‘course not, and I guess she was just on loan but why? She was doing good work with me, important work, plus she’s still got a score to settle on Trebarre and I thought I could count on her to keep me steady.
Foolish, Riley, should know better.
Gary left with her, don’t know what that’s about. Sam and Ashley will help look after Ze, though an over-intelligent drinker and a morose botanist/commando are hardly what a little girl needs. Not so little. Age relativism, gets … difficult to keep perspective. I was learning to shoot at that age. The Scorpion. I had Becky, Llewellyn; she has me. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

Then there’s Talian. His father commanded one of the ships I sent to stall the Strategos. The Nova ‘s commander, Rolles, served under him. Died bravely. I don’t think Talian knows. Brave lad, strong and clean. Is it odd I want him to look up to me? Little chance of that happening. Might even make something out himself someday, keeps away from my decisions.
We brought back the thing that killed me. Ash is not pleased. Sam is delighted at the prospect of continued study. I just hope it tries to betray us. Barring that, I can melt the skin off his hide in front of his bitch mother. Or who knows? Maybe this Chassa will actually be useful.



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