To Fly on Metal Wings

Captain's Log, 4 Nidal 900

4 Nidal 900

After much difficulty, both food and lumber have succesfully been acquired for the continued upkeep and reconstruction of Fort Rochelle. We have successfully laid the foundation for further collaboration with the High Council of Shafton via the prestigious Hyle family. Matriarch Hyle has pledged her support towards our ongoing efforts, in no small part due to the actions of Mr. Galliford and a new recruit, the warrior known as Virage. Additionally, we have recieved an offer of support from Father Ivan Dracovir, Arch-Bishop of the Church of the Great Wheel on Gruffyd. The Dracovir has pledged funds, labor, and political privacy in return for bringing stability and maintaining independence on Trebarre. His only outstanding condition is a moritorium on non-Wheelite proselytization.

We have managed to broker a tenuous ceasefire between Ms. Angela Bradley’s Forest Outlaws and the People of Shafton. Bradley has intimated plans to force her way into the highest tier of Shafton society and politics, but is willing to negotiate for a more peaceful means to rise. Mr. Marlowe was instrumental in drawing up plans for arranged political marraige, but no Council family is ready to entertain the notion. With her offer refused and our return to Fort Rochelle, I am unsure how long the truce will last.

During our time in Shafton we became aware of an artifact of particular value. We have been referring to it as OMICRON, a name written on the paper schematics we acquired. There has been speculation that it may be related to the ancient facility where we rescued Ze. It was in the pursuit of this device that we encountered Mr. Lenx Overcrown, a retired Irregular and formidable ally. The device remains in the hands of the Cult of Three Masks and is housed at the Rotwood.

Bolstering our moderate success in Shafton are two new recruits to the staff of Fort Rochelle. The warrior Virage, previously mentioned, will be joining us as a mercenary agent. We recognize the danger that may befall housing a berserker, but my team will take every precaution to avoid incident. My main concern is the man’s lack of memory. Given recent events, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Virage has been placed in our path with ill intent. The man himself is a quiet and considerate fellow, much beleagured by his own strength. It is my belief that his residence at Fort Rochelle is tied directly to his actions at the Battle of Shafton, namely, the untimely slaughter of the Unnamed Amatsuran woman.

The second addition to our crew is the unlikely Ms. Adelaide Voltus, ward of Mr. Overcrown. It is through her own initiative that she has attached herself to our company and convinced Mr. Overcrown to acknowledge this arrangement. While she appears a capable enough young lady, she seems to make certain members of my staff flustered and uncomfortable Although, when I think back to my former acquaintences, and even the Doctor, I am reminded that no power nor allegiance is entirely predictable.

Lastly, it should be made aware throughout CITADEL that the Power identified as Sin Dao has successfully planted an agent within my staff at Fort Rochelle. The detektive Mr. Samuel T. Marlowe has been infected by the shadow and may be used as a puppet to execute Sin Dao’s wishes at any moment. The Church has been informed, and while my people tell me that the curse has never been lifted, I am officially requesting aid in determining the extent and potency of this curse and any potential remedy.



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