To Fly on Metal Wings

Captain's Log, 17 Baldral 900

17 Baldral 900

My staff and I safely arrived back at Fort Rochelle. As per my instructions, Md. Alder has managed to keep the people fed, though she informs me that the surrounding lands have been foraged bare. The walls and town remain in deep disrepair, although Mr. Bragg and Fei-Li have succeeded in clearing and recycling what little resources are available. It is my intention to leave for Shafton Forest once our wounds are properly mended—if we can broker an arrangement for lumber then repairs can begin in earnest. Mr. Galliford has suggested that the local miscreant commander, Ms. Angela Bradley, may be ammenable to certain terms of service. Sir Rand has yet to report from Hart’s Falls as to the status of his negotiations, though our short visit indicated a severe increase in military preparedness.

The lupis draconis specimen referred to by the abberant Ziroc the Warped as “Chassa” has been confined to a stone chamber within the Fort. Though its aero-pyratic abilities seem nonfunctional at present I remain skeptical as to the nature of the beast. Dr. Fortescue has been paying regular visits in both medical and husbandry care.



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